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                                                           B​E PART OF A MOVEMENT
​Determined to help change the conditions of their community, a meeting was organized
by former high school classmates. Through their discussions, they came to realize that
the biggest problem affecting youth was not their lack of ambition, but rather the negative energy surrounding their ambition. In an effort to enhance the lives of ordinary young men and women embarking upon life’s journey, the group decided to connect with them by concentrating on three pillars: Education, Music, and Style (E.M.S). By connecting
with youth and young adults by way of social networking, the idea for TENSE (Teaching
to Eliminate Negative Stereotypes through Education) Youth Summit was birthed on
December 19, 2010.





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Education emphasizes that teaching and application are the highest form of learning.
Individuals, then, are encouraged to pursue life-long learning and use the knowledge and
skills they have gained to change the world around them.


Music uses sound and song to encourage young people from all backgrounds to change the way people think and react to problems plaguing their communities.


Style teaches young people to dress the part, maintain their identity by being orginial, and maintain tact and taste as they seek to accomplish their goals. 

Guaranteed to be a life changing experience!

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